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My World Adventure
Take your child on a global journey of art, music, and culture!

Join Star on a global adventure of culture, creativity and conservation. Art, architecture and animals dance off the screen to Mozart symphonies, African tribal rhythms and Chinese lullabies, while kids learn how to say "I Love You" in 5 different languages!

Destinations include:

North America
An inspiring vision of the United States and Canada from sea to shining sea, from Grant Wood's "American Gothic" to David Hockney's purple mountains of the PCH

Latin America
This sizzling ode to Latin culture, from Mexico and South America to the tropical countries and isles in between, includes lessons on the equator and the Amazon rain forest

Foreign language is introduced, as well as patterns -- from the glass pyramid outside the Louvre and a cathedral's stained glass windows to Scottish plaid

Tribal music and animal sounds dominate this fast-paced, foot-stomping section that dares toddlers not to dance and includes art and patterns from the African continent

Jump for joy at the section that includes kangaroos, didgeridoos, and the fantastic marine life of the Great Barrier Reef

Relax with a Chinese lullaby and lessons on all things big (Mount Everest, The Great Wall of China) and furry (kid-favorite panda bears) from the world's largest continent

Learn facts about the coldest, highest, windiest, driest, and iciest continent on Earth, including why we need to protect it to ensure the health of our planet


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