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My World Safari
Celebrate a Kaleidoscope of Art and Color with Your Child!

Explore the colors of the rainbow and of our world with Star and his little sister Starlette -- in English, French and Spanish! Bizet's Carmen brings magical masterpieces and places to life, from Cezanne's "Oranges" to the blue domes of Greece.

The Rainbow Spectrum
The film presents the colors of the rainbow spectrum in order (a Kindergarten requirement in many states)

Bizet's Carmen introduces the color red, along with ladybugs, strawberries, Joan Miró's "Red Sun," and a trio of silly, scarlet dogs

Orange is explored in the folded dress of "Flaming June," jack-o-lanterns, real oranges and those by Cezanne

What could be more fun that Van Gogh's "Sunflowers," Andy Warhol's "Banana," and freshly popped popcorn?

An alligator chorus, friendly frog, and the Emerald Isle magically conjure up the color green

Butterflies, tumbling blueberries, and Degas' tiny dancers dance the blues

The regal robes of African dancers, the kimono of a Japanese woman, and a little boy drawn by Picasso bring this noble color to life


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